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Amayar Crafts Tradition

Founded by Burmese and Dubai based entrepreneur, Amayar Crafts Tradition is about modern ethnic fashion & accessories inspired by South East Asia traditions.

We carefully and personally source our products and fabrics from local artisans in limited series to always offer you the latest designs and trends. 

Part of our collection is also designed and homemade in Dubai using the same traditional fabrics and mixing local, international and South East Asian influences. 

This January, we are excited to launch for the first time our new brand and collection at the MOTB market 2018 : "Amayar by Zaynab". A special range of ladies fashionware, "home-made" in Dubai , and inspired by Burmese ethnic fabrics combined with modern designs.

We exclusively work with cotton, hand made cotton and organic cotton materials for all our fashion products. Clients praise our products for being extremely comfortable to wear and being their favorite's either for casual wear, yoga practice and exercising or as a fashion statement. 

Amayar Crafts Tradition range is also complemented by a collection of trendy accessories such as fancy hats, boho belts and bags or jewellery including exotic shells or Burmese jade pendants.

Please find some branding and product pictures here :

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Amayar Crafts Tradition