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Tania's Teahouse

Tania’s Teahouse® is Dubai’s upcoming hotspot for everything tea-related, serving a wide range of specialty flavoured teas, coffees and light, healthy meals. The soon-to-open café will attract everyone from quintessential Jumeirah Janes meeting for a spot of gossip before collecting their young ones from school, to social-media-savvy teens seeking Instagram’s latest food trends. With its stylish interiors, featuring elegant rose-gold accents and minimalist marble touches, Tania’s Teahouse® is an optimal venue for freelance creatives working remotely, casual catch-ups, family brunches and celebratory occasions like bridal and baby showers. Themed nights, fun board games and crafting events make Tania’s Teahouse a community hub for creativi-tea in Dubai.  Visitors can also browse a selection of tea-themed accessories, stationery and stylish clothing in the café’s gift shop.

Meet Tania: a millennial who has always held a classic commodity close to heart – tea. In her eyes, teas are magical, whether they’re jasmine-infused green teas, or cozy Kashmiri chai lattes. They fuel her when she’s on the go and comfort her when she’s curled up with a book.

While studying in Toronto, Tania became immersed in the café-culture there, often taking her laptop and books to study at different kitschy coffee shops. She would witness all types of different customers’ experiences: from first-time Tinder dates and old couples’ breakfast routines, to authors working on chapters of their books. She found that some places house a special essence: an overall atmosphere of optimism, which keeps visitors coming back for more.
So, combining her passions for tea-blending, baking, crafting and overall good-vibes-spreading, Tania decided to create her own tea-themed café. Her dream became a reality, and Tania’s Teahouse was born as a space that exudes happiness and wonder, promotes inspiration and innovation and helps each visitor unwind from the daily nuances of life, over a cup of positivi-tea.

At our Market OTB kiosk, customers can order from five different tea flavours, and shop a range of tea-themed accessories, including chai-infused lip balms and bath bombs, custom-made mugs and jewellery made for tea lovers.